In an attempt to revisit a creative collaboration and revive his marriage, a theatre director brings together a group of performers to spend a week with him and his wife in an isolated, mountainous part of southern France. As the work progresses, fiction and reality become blurred and there is a constant tension between the characters’ emotional lives and the nature of the work. An investigation into the changing nature of love, this is a finely crafted and compelling drama. (90 min).

A Change In The Weather

2018 LineUp

All Skate, Everybody Skate

A portrait of a woman in her late seventies who has known hard times and met them head-on with grit and an extraordinary work ethic that has kept her climbing the wooden staircase each evening to rent and repair skates, spin vintage 45s, and weave smoothly in-between the tourists in her white skates with the red wheels.  (19 min)

Arthur, Meet Ruth: The Miraculous Journey of Arthur H. Kingberg

A story of love, sorrow, kindness, courage, forgiveness, and faith; Arthur Kingberg shares a personal journey that begins in Frankfurt Germany when he was abandoned by his mother at the age of eight and left in an orphanage for Jewish boys. Arthur’s story of resilience in the face of overwhelming obstacles continues after his narrow escape from Germany and continues in the unforgiving jungles of the Philippines. 

Beyond Silence

Approximately 1 in 5 Americans is diagnosed with a mental illness in any given year. Yet as a society, we are afraid to talk about it. This silence has consequences. It perpetuates the idea that mental illness should be hidden and keeps people from getting help.  Beyond Silence follows three brave people who share one common experience—their lives have been transformed by speaking up for mental health. Combining intimate day-in-the-life footage and interviews, the documentary provides a glimpse into the lives of each individual and their diagnoses, weaving these experiences into a cohesive narrative about how speaking up is key to living well with a mental health condition.  


A sure thing or a risk for fullfilment?  That's a question a young man must answer. 


  Deborah relies on chance to avoid making any choices in her life, but then faces a decision that can’t be left up to fate.  (9 min) 

Three stories intertwine over the course of one night and a warm cup in a neighborhood coffee shop.  A cozy musical vignette.

Documentary:  On January 26, 1961,two hydrogen bombs fell in eastern North Carolina.  One was safe.  One was armed. (7 min)

A story of relationships, change, and the ghost of what could be.

Little Red Pocketbook

Under a segregated educational system, many disparities existed between Adkin and the all-white high school, Grainger. In order to fight for the learning tools they knew they deserved, the student body staged one of the first walkouts at the forefront of the Civil Rights Movement. Their legacy has helped shaped the course of history in Kinston, and now it is finally time for the world to know. (13 1/2 min)

Night Shift

Narrative: The Local 24-Hour Convenience Store is Invaded by a Bite-Sized Flying Saucer.

Panic Attack 

One woman's slippery hold on reality.  Director:  Eileen O' Meara

A young man uses a found toy to travel back in time and correct his mistakes to create the perfect New Year's Eve Date.


A chance encounter between a beautiful drifter and a cynical gas station clerk results in a night that neither of them will ever forget.


A widow carries on her late husband's work of removing ghosts from homes.   Who will help her remove from her heart the ghost of her husband?

Animation:  A whistle blows, signalling break time. Gerd sits in his favourite spot to enjoy his break and catch up on some reading. Unbeknownst to Gerd, his best friend Sunny is about to deny him any respite from the day’s grind. Things go from zero to “wha’-tha’?!” when Sunny finds himself in a tight spot and Gerd has to rescue his little buddy. Some quick thinking and a little hacking just might save the day. (5 1/2 min) 


When a little boy's late-night viewing of his favorite space adventure videotape is cut short by a scolding from his mom, he channels the heroism of his sci-fi fantasy hero and makes it his mission to get the tape back.


Oscar is a 7th generation scientific inventor who rids in amateur pilot Wendy's balloon. He has created a musical invention that will change the weather in order to live up to his father's standards, but it ends up taking the two on a whimsical journey that helps Oscar discover his true passions.

The Bone Finder, Tracking the Dead

Hidden away on October Mountain in Massachusetts, where Big Foot, UFO's and ghosts are said to be seen, lies a forgotten cemetery. Ravaged over time most of the stone markers that identified the dead are gone and partial burial records do not account for every soul resting in the small clearing. With the help of the Bone Finder, Robert Perry and the technology of ground penetrating radar, we will look below the surface to locate many of the unmarked graves. 

The Imaginary Village of Allan Gurganus

Allan Gurganus,has lived in a small town in piedmont NC in a restored four-square house beside the Old Town Cemetery. These elements combine to evince voices from the literature, tales of discovery in the house itself, and glimpses into the writer’s process. Other local scribes Randall Kenan and Elizabeth Spencer add their voices to a framing of Gurganus’ magic. Exploring the concept of what makes literature “local,” what motivates his storytelling, and how he takes his work public, Gurganus generously pulls back the curtains on a world seldom seen by outside eyes. 

The Little Giraffe

A lesson in friendship.


FINAL PORTRAIT is the story of the touching and offbeat friendship between American writer and art-lover James Lord and Alberto Giacometti, as seen through Lord’s eyes and revealing unique insight into the beauty, frustration, profundity and sometimes the chaos of the artistic process. Set in 1964, while on a short trip to Paris, Lord is asked by his friend, Giacometti, to sit for a portrait. The process, promises Giacometti, will take only a few days and so Lord agrees — ultimately wondering “how much longer can it go on like this?”

Living is Easy with Eyes Closed

Spain, 1966: Antonio (Javier Cámara, from “I’m So Excited!”) is a teacher and a Beatles fan – facets he combines by getting his pupils to recite the lyrics from “Help” in English class. When he learns that his idol John Lennon is making a film in Almería (Richard Lester’s “How I Won the War”) he resolves to meet him. On the journey he picks up two young runaways: Belen, a pregnant girl fleeing a convent, and Juanjo, a boy escaping a dictatorial father.

At 88, Abraham Bursztein is seeing his place in the world rapidly disappear. His kids have sold his Buenos Aires residence, set him up to move to a retirement home, and disagree on how to handle his fading health. But Abraham survived the Holocaust, made a successful life in a foreign land, and isn’t about to quietly fade away. Instead, he plots a secret one-way trip to Poland, where he plans to find the Christian friend who saved him from certain death at the end of World War II, and to keep his promise to return one day.

The Last Suit

A Brunch With Death

A young woman on a date with a Grim Reaper.

Runaway Plane

Pas D'Yeux

“Pas D’yeux” tells the story of a boy from a painting who seeks for his face in the artist’s world as he is left faceless after the artist passes away.

Carolina 'cross

A girl with a crush, writes an embarrassing love note but loses it out of her window, forcing a mad chase across the city to prevent her note from landing in the wrong hands.

Bicycle racers crisscross North Carolina from September to January racing bikes in a sport known as Cyclo-Cross. Originating in France in the early 1900s, racers compete on a short course, with multiple laps through parks, fields, woods, mud, rain and snow.

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