2015 LineUp

Young Scottish ballad singer Ruadhan despairs as the fabric of his quaint hometown erodes. The town’s fading glory is there for all to see. There are no fish in the sea, no jobs, and the young generation is leaving for the cities. Even worse, as the elders pass away, their songs die with them. Blackbird is a film haunted by the songs and traditions of the past, and features legendary Scottish performers Norman Maclean and Sheila Stewart alongside up and coming talent, adding to the film’s authenticity and soulfulness.  Director:  Jamie Chambers, Scotland. 


Back to the Garden

It is a year since the death of an inspirational theatre director and teacher, and his widow is struggling to come to terms with her loss. A group of close friends, many of whom are or were actors, come to spend the weekend with her to offer their support and to celebrate his memory in an entertaining and moving performance before they scatter his ashes in the garden. Director:  Jon Sanders, UK. 

Coming Back To The Hoop

A promising basketball star at her small town high school ran off the court during a holiday tournament game and did not return to the sport until 43 years later.  ‘Coming Back To The Hoop’ is a film about the power of basketball to transform one’s life and the healing it brings when you connect with something larger than yourself and then give yourself over to the team.  Director:  Jane Pittman, USA. 


The owner of a company proposes a daring plan for keeping worker morale high.  Director:  Borga Cobeaga, Spain

Electric Indigo

Indigo grew up in a family with two fathers who loved the same woman:  her mother.  Their decision to raise the girl together seemed a good one until the day her mother returned to the home to get her.  Director:  Jean-Julien Collette, Belgium. 


What would you do if you were asked not to open something, but then left alone with it for days?  A story of trust when there seems to be no consequence for deception.  Director, Georg Jungermann, Germany. 

In Capricious Hands

Stuck living in a dark box, life is pretty bleak and boring until a window appears.  The mechanisms within the box come alive in an effort to investigate the window but it is unclear whether the box is really helping or hindering the discovery of what exists outside of the box.  Director:  Stephen Larson, USA


La is a shy little blue boy. He is always singing alone on the line. One day he meets a little girl, Mi, crying, and discovers friendship. He finds out that singing together with friends becomes melody. More friends join in each story, so that the melody expands.  Director:  Christopher Defaye, France. 

Love at First Site

A heart warming story of a lonely young man’s increasingly creative attempts to attract the attention of the girl of his dreams. This silent film transcends international borders with a timeless, ageless and universal tale of love – from one Mediterranean balcony to another – a gentle film about hope and optimism.  Director:  Mark Playne, UK

Me + Her

In a faraway world, tucked away in a small fold of land behind an enormous willow tree, exists the tiny city of Cardboard.  Director:  Joseph Oxford, USA. 

Jimmy hates musicals. But his aversion to the melodic art runs far deeper than mere dislike. In order to save the world from a tuneless future, Jimmy is forced to confront a buried childhood trauma… MUSICAL STAR! is a charming, short comedy for anyone who’s ever loved, or hated musicals.   Director:  Louis Paxton, UK

Stray Dog

Ron “Stray Dog” Hall is a Vietnam War veteran who lives in Southern Missouri where he owns and operates the At Ease RV Park.  With Stray Dog as our guide, we experience the restlessness of ex-warriors as he tries to make peace with what he can’t change and weathers the incomprehension of those who have never been to war.  Director:  Debra Granik, USA. 

The Walk

In the harshness of the Arizona desert a father and his son will be forced to decide between making their dream come true or saving a life.  Director:  Alonso Alvarez Barreda, USA; an HBO special production. 


Mackenzie, a troubled but daring teenage girl, is sent to live with her uncle in Juneau, Alaska. She longs for her struggling, absent mother, but as her mom’s phone calls become less frequent and her uncle’s care is not what it seemed, she must flee. Her only thoughts are to escape her uncle’s grasp and find her mother somehow, but as she plunges deeper into the Alaskan interior she encounters a hiker who reluctantly comes to her aid.  Together they make their way through a beautiful wilderness, one that enables them to believe again in the idea of family.  Director:  Frank Hall Green, USA

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