Los Angeles; Alonso Alvarez Barreda, director.  A series of events will turn a fateful moment into an extraordinary outcome; both life for a woman and the world itself will never be the same.

2014 LineUp

Death and the Robot

Austin Taylor

Szukajac gwiazd

(Searching for stars), Poland; Filip Luft, director.  Film based on a short story by Marek Hlasko. It tells the story of a nine-year-old boy who is in love with a Jewish girl hiding nearby during World War II. They can meet each other only at nights. To change it the boy comes up with an idea that turns out to be perilous.


Los Angeles; Katelyn Bianchini, director.  A fearful balloon must learn to put his fragile life in the hands of an unlikely friend.  


Los Angeles; David Henrie, director.  A boy will go to great lengths to spend time with his father.   


NC; Mark Freiburger, director, & Gary Wheeler, writer/producer.  A gripping drama about boy who is asked to testify as a witness in a criminal trial even though he is thought of as “slow.”

Leave A Message At the Tone

Dejad un mensaje después de la señal : Italy/Spain; Andrea Monzani, director.  After months of absence, David comes back to his old house. Among the dishes to wash and a dozen letters he finds in the mail-box, he discovers that his old answering machine is still working, and there are messages left for him. What he thought would be a quiet and regular first day back home turns out to be a dive into his memory  

Hank and Asha

NY/CZ; James E. Duff, director.  In this charming romantic comedy, an Indian woman studying in Prague and a young New York filmmaker begin an unconventional romance through video letters – two strangers searching for human connection in a hyper-connected world. (

Real Change

Seattle WA; Adam Becker, director.  This film follows four homeless individuals as they navigate life in Washington State and consider what homelessness in America means today.

Short Term 12

Los Angeles;  Destin Daniel Cretton, writer/director.  Grace is a twenty-something supervisor at a foster-care facility for at-risk teenagers. Passionate and tough, Grace is a formidable caretaker of the kids in her charge - and in love with her long-term boyfriend and co-worker, Mason. The arrival of a new intake throws Grace's own difficult past - and the surprising future that suddenly presents itself - into unforeseen confusion.  While the subject matter is complex, this film finds truth - and humor - in unexpected places.

Mobile in Black and White

AL; Robert Gray, director.  Mobile in Black and White is a thought-provoking documentary about conversations on race as it presents the changing perceptions of race in Mobile, Alabama.  This feature-length documentary offers an alternative take on how race remains a fundamental issue in American life, but also that it doesn't require assignments of guilt or blame, only understanding, commitment, and action.

Si Parla Italiano

Australia; Shannon Swan, Angelo Pricolo, directors.  This documentary features post World War 2 Australia as it opened its doors to anyone willing to come. Fearing what they did not understand, Australians were suspicious of the new arrivals.  Coffee made from odd machines and a food called 'Pizza' were all things to be wary of but it would not deter the passionate migrants.  Simply, they re-created all the things they missed from home in one particular street of a rundown Melbourne suburb.  It was a blank canvas and in time, this small strip of shops would become many and assume the name 'Little Italy'.

Muscle ShoAles

AL/NY; Greg 'Freddy' Camalier, director/producer: Muscle Shoals is the home of FAME Studios and its indefatigable founder, Rick Hall, as well as an endless list of classic recordings by artists ranging from Otis Redding to Bob Dylan to the Black Keys. How and why history was made here is illuminated by the hit-making producers, the remarkable and unpredictable session musicians known as the Swampers, and an array of musical luminaries such as Bono, Keith Richards, and Aretha Franklin. Ambitious in scope and style, the film traces the myriad obstacles and prejudices facing Hall and artists alike as the label evolves from striving to thriving and back again. 

Tu Seras Un Homme

France; Benoit Cohen, director.  Leo is 10 and wise beyond his years, a solitary dreamer who seeks refuge in books. When the carefree 20-year-old Theo steps into his life, it forces Leo out of his shell.  Despite their age difference, the two becomes best friends, helping each other face up to their responsibilities.

The Other Hand

Didi (Siyu) Wang

Women of the Sea

Kevin Sawicki

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